Ginseng Links

Appalachian Center for Ethnobotanical Studies:
ACES is affiliated with Frostburgh University. The focus of this consortium is to research medicinal plant’s ecology and cultivation.

The American Herbal Products Association:
The American Herbal Products Association is a national trade association that promotes sustainability and trade of herbal products. This is the link for the “AHPA’s Good Stewardship Harvesting of Wild American Ginseng” site.

CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora):
Official website of CITES, the international agreement between governments to regulate trade of certain animals and plants.

Dr. Jeanine Davis’s web site at North Carolina State University:
Dr. Davis studies organic agriculture of various Non-timber Forest Products. This link is for her web site specific to ginseng and woodland herbs.

The Fish and Wildlife Service, ginseng-specific:
Overview of ginseng CITES status, and information about ginseng’s habitat and distribution.

The Fish and Wildlife Service’s endangered species program:
Information about the endangered species program, and a database of endangered species.

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service:
Comprehensive website about sustainable and organic agriculture practices.

Roots of Appalachia Growers Association:
Through the non-profit Rural Action, this is a support system for individuals who grow medicinal plants.

Rural Action, Non-Timber Forest Products:
Rural Action also has guides and information on Non-Timber Forest Products, including ginseng, goldenseal, and ramps.

United Plant Savers:
United Plant Savers is an organization dedicated to protecting North America’s herbal plant resources and habitats.

USDA Plants Database:
Information about ginseng’s habitat, classification, and range.

Web MD, American Ginseng:
Information about the medicinal properties of ginseng.
Information about ginseng harvest by state and cultivation practices.

YouTube Channel Ginseng Series:
A Youtube Channel that focuses on ginseng cultivation, not on wild ginseng per se. This channel overviews the efforts to meet the demand for ginseng by growing it in forests, alleviating some pressure from wild populations, and thus contributing to ginseng conservation.